My Pretty Little Liars Theory

At first I dismissed the show as “girly” but as I gave the series a try as per some coworkers’ recommendations I quickly found myself wrapped up in the mysteries of Rosewood. Like many other fans I have been patiently waiting since the summer finale back in August for tonight’s Halloween special. Over the last month and a half or so I have been trying to wrap my brain around the mystery surrounding Allie’s disappearance, and the identity of A. I am thrilled to share my theory.

Spoiler Alert!

One thing that has become clear is that someone who looked enough like Allie to avoid any sort of identification died and was buried under the gazebo behind the Dilaurentis house. We know from the autopsy that that individual suffered blunt force head trauma but ultimately died from suffocation, a result of being buried alive. Ms. Grunwald claims to have found Allie the night she went missing and that she took her to the hospital badly beaten. Allie then went missing from Ms. Grunwald’s car and her whereabouts from then on are unknown. This leaves us with two options, either Allie was rescued by some party that we are not yet aware of or possibly ran away by herself, or A captured her and returned her to the gazebo where she was buried for a second time and consequently died. According to Ms. Grunwald, Allie is still alive. I think that it is reasonable to assume that she went looking for Allie after she disappeared. A reasonable place to look would be the site of Allie’s attempted murder. This causes some serious doubts in the theory that she was recaptured and murdered that night.
Additional clues have surfaced over the seasons that Alison is not actually dead. If I recall correctly the person hiding in the Dilaurentis house has still not been explained, and someone obviously saved the liars from the fire at the lodge. Baring any supernatural activity (Which would be a first for the series) I believe that it is a reasonable conclusion that Allie is still alive.
So then who died? I hate to use this, as the show runners have claimed that they’re not doing it, but honestly at this point only the twin theory makes sense. Why kill the twin? Either a case of mistaken identity or Allie had it out for the twin herself. If it was a case of mistaken identity then A obviously clued in shortly afterward as they are still searching for Allie, seeing as Allie seems to be pretty good at staying hidden and how else would A realize that there is a twin, I think we can rule out the mistaken identity theory.
I think that I am going to leave it there. Hopefully some answers will be provided when the episode airs in half an hour.
One side note, Allie was scared of a male when she was in contact with Ms. Grunwald prior to her disappearance. Yet we are told that Mona had been A all along. Mona is accounted for when the Liars find A’s lab. When Ezra shows up at the end he is clearly surprised, yet someone was watching the Liars while they were in the lab (behind the picture). CeCe was at least somewhat incapacitated from her fall, and if Ezra was the one that saved her then how did he get her back to the lab to spy on the Liars without realizing the Liars were there? Ezra is not A, although he may be involved.

Jesse Conner - October 22, 2013 - TV